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Apr 23, 2024 10:18:10 AM

Industries Move at a Rapid Pace - So Should You!

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, you need to stay on top of all your data to provide a comprehensive view across divisions for all users.

With new applications like big data cloud apps, SaaS, and other data sources being added on top of your existing legacy and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, it is harder than ever to create a holistic set of reports, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Data warehousing projects can't stay on top of the ever changing application landscape giving business users no choice but to stitch data together in Excel, unfortunately providing suboptimal and non-repeatable processes and reports.

What if business users could still connect to the data warehouse and add data into a trusted system that ensured data integrity, standardization, and consistent definitions of KPIs? What if they could also load this data into popular formatted templates for your industry? And what if they could do this in minutes without any IT support? 

Get to know eyko!

eyko's Industry Solutions

eyko recently introduced a series of new report, dashboard, and KPI templates optimized for popular analysis and reporting needs across top industries. 

You can learn more about each solution at the following pages:

eyko can be applied to any industry to help you deliver the comprehensive set of reports, dashboards, and KPIs within hours, not days or months, from all your data sources. You can complement your existing data warehouse projects with eyko's ability to let users add data from new sources like Salesforce, HubSpot, Yardi, industry benchmarks, supplier systems, commodities pricing, and more. By giving users the ability to blend these data sources together, they can quickly populate the reporting and dashboard templates to support the business decisions they need to make.

Here are a few examples of reports available to you in eyko.

1. Income Statement

Income Statement

2. General Ledger Balance Interactive Report

General Ledger Balance Report

3. Sales Dashboard

Sales Dashboard

4. Financial Dashboard

Financial Dashboard

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