Application Intelligence™

eyko's unique Application Intelligence™ will forever change how you work with data because it is core to the eyko platform. 

Data Smarts quickly makes sense of your data because it understands your systems and handles all the complexities to automatically clean, transform and blend data. From multiple raw data sources to reports and analytics in minutes.


The Application Intelligence™ Platform

The eyko platform is designed on Application Intelligence™ principles, with important time-saving features.


eyko automatically detects and leverages underlying application features like data dictionaries.


eyko identifies common data values like zip codes and phone numbers, validating and fixing them instantly.


eyko understands how apps organize data, so there's no need to waste time figuring out how everything relates.


Convert technical terms into user-friendly words instantly, making it easy for everyone to understand.


eyko transforms complex data and structures into report-ready form at the touch of a button.

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