About Us

So we didn't start in a garage or even a college dormitory, and there might not be a movie, but that doesn't mean we don't have a vision to redefine how people work with data. 

Let's start with "Why?"

Most people who are lucky enough to build a successful business and sell it to a leading private equity firm normally head off in search of warm blue waters, golden sand, and a period of deep reflection.

No so the founding team at eyko. Having successful built and sold insightsoftware.com to TA Associates, we set off to build a new "Anti" Data Preparation Platform.

The desire to jump straight back in was fueled by a realization that the drive to best of breed, standalone, cloud applications was fragmenting business data like never before making it impossible for business users to stitch together all the information they need to do their job.

While the market was full of data preparation and data integration tools designed for an IT user or data scientist, there was nothing available for a typical business user who didn't have the time or skills to clean and enrich their data.

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Impressive work
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Data challenge moved upstream.

Having spent our time previously obsessing about reporting, planning and analytics, we now feel the enterprise data challenge has moved up stream.

People no longer worry about being able to produce reports and charts. Their focus has now shifted to how can they stitch the data from these disconnected systems back together and deliver timely and accurate data to their reporting, planning and analytics applications.

We created eyko as an "Anti" application data preparation platform to enable non-technical people to blend, enrich data from any range of enterprise applications and stream the result to any other application. 

Time to level the playing field.

We wanted to build a platform that democratizes data access for everybody, an intelligent data blending platform with inbuilt Application Intelligence to remove the need for the users to be domain experts in the systems they were working with to access the data. 

A platform that gives the users the freedom to work with their data in any application safe in the knowledge that everybody is working off the same data. Specifically, we wanted a platform that would enable a typical business user to do the types of things with their data that were previously only possible for people with IT or Systems type skillsets. 

A platform that would quite simply level the playing field between the data “haves” and the data “have nots”.

Level Playing Field
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Our Values

We are not arrogant enough to think we can change the world but we will always remain true to our values. 


We value your trust and your trust around your data. Retaining this trust is at the centre of everything we do.


While making complex things really simple is hard we also believe that simple is beautiful. Every day we strive to make things simple.

Control our Destiny

We are committed to growing responsibly and staying true to our values. Growth at all costs that threatens what we are building here is not worth the risk.


We know things will not go according to plan all the time and by being transparent with employees and customers alike everybody can work to find a solution. 


While we are serious in our mission to serve our employees and customers we never take ourselves too seriously. We will all need a laugh at different times.