ERP Solutions

Tired of complex ERP systems slowing down your analytics journey? Can't get insights you need from one or multiple ERP systems including data sources such as legacy, cloud, SaaS, or file systems?

eyko bridges the gap between complex-multiple data sources and beautiful interactive reports and dashboards.

You no longer need to be limited when reporting and analyzing data from Oracle JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, Fusion, and other popular ERP systems.

Filling the gaps other products create.

Designed as part of the multi-data source generation, eyko approaches problems with a fresh perspective. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we are able to break through the limitations of older, niche products.

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Single Source Again

By turning multiple data sources back into a blended single data source, eyko makes consolidation, reporting and data visualization easy again.

ERP Application Intelligence

ERP Application Intelligence

eyko makes sense of your ERP systems. It's out the box application intelligence turns complex data structures it into consumption ready data at the touch of a button.


Scale for Detail

With business users continually looking for additional levels of detail eyko handle volumes of data other products simply wouldn't consider tackling.

Solving real customer problems

eyko has successfully solved a wide range of customer problems.