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eyko is AI powered to provide data and analytics solutions for
your business users, IT, and industry.
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Every day organizations add new applications (on-premises, cloud, or SaaS) further confounding data source complexity and challenges. Organizations don’t have the tools to iteratively add new data sources at the speed they need to get insights across all systems. Business users remain frustrated with the inability to use all their date to get answers. IT Users are equally frustrated as they can’t keep up with the data transformation and loading needs. eyko is the answer.
Enter eyko – an AI powered data and analytics platform. eyko solves this problem by making it easy for Business Users and IT to bridge the gap between multiple data sources and analytics or reports and dashboards.
eyko’s Application Intelligence™ understands your data, applies smarts to clean, link and blend the data, and helps you enrich the data with machine learning algorithms so that you get better reports and insights.
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eyko can be applied to several solutions for Business Users,
IT Users, and Industries.
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