From Multiple Data Sources to Reports, Dashboards, and Insights in Minutes – in one Platform.

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Platform Overview

eyko is an integrated end-to-end platform designed for business users to:

Connect Access any data, on-premises, or cloud.
Clean – The fastest way to quality data.
Blend Combine all your data to ignite insights.
Enrich Create valuable data assets in minutes.
Stream Use your data anywhere.
Analyze Unparalleled insights from all your data.
eyko is a next generation platform because it is powered by Generative AI and Application Intelligence™. eyko eliminates the need for deep IT skills and multiple tools. You get insights and answers from all your data in one platform – from raw data to reports and insights in minutes.

1. Connect

Access Any Data, On-Premises or Cloud

Connect multiple data sources ­– on-premises or in the cloud in databases, applications, services, files, or API. eyko connectors enable you to get more out of your data allowing you to pull data effortlessly onto the platform in minutes. Moreover, eyko has inbuilt smarts for ERP systems like JD Edwards and Oracle EBS.

Ingest and Automate Data – With eyko, you select your data source, connect, ingest, and automate. eyko supports a wide range of data sources and applications. You can automate eyko to work with real-time data, large volumes of historical data, or just recent changes. With eyko you select the optimal data use strategy to support your analysis requirements.


Big Data

Connect live to on-premises databases like SQL Server and Oracle. Cloud integration to big data systems, including Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and Amazon Redshift.

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Cloud Apps

eyko combines data from CRM, 
marketing automation, operations, and
service delivery. Connect to apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, ServiceNow Shopify and JIRA in seconds.

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Enterprise Systems

Connect to large-scale ERP systems such as Oracle JD Edwards, NetSuite, Oracle Fusion Cloud, and SAP. eyko works with smaller-scale accounting systems like Xero too.

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Combine data from Excel, Google Sheets, and delimited files like CSV as a single source. Connect to local files or storage accounts, including Amazon S3, SharePoint, and Dropbox.

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Custom Integrations

eyko can integrate data from any open system that uses the OData or RestAPI standard. If you have a particular application you need to integrate with, just let us know.

2. Clean

The Fastest way to Quality Data

Get data into shape quickly transform your data to optimize reporting, analysis, or planning needs. eyko’s Application Intelligence™ makes cleaning data simple, fast, and accurate at the click of a button. Data quality you can trust.

Drag the center slider to see the before and after effects of data cleaning with eyko. Before shown in black. After shown in white.

Standardize your data in seconds Because data is in different formats in disparate applications, eyko can standardize or normalize your data in seconds. Items like phone numbers, geo codes, text case, number and text formats can all be automatically standardized in seconds.



Fix spelling mistakes in data

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Text Case

Standardize any text into
Sentence or Title cases.

Main (2)

Phone Numbers

Format phone numbers as
national or international.

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States and Provinces

Normalize States & Provinces as
abbreviations or full names.

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Postal Codes

Fix postal codes. For the US,
choose 5 or 9-digit format.

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Standardize countries into 2 or
3-letter codes or full names.

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E-Mail Addresses

Fix and validate e-mail addresses.

Main (7)

Web Addresses

Standardize web addresses into
a short or full format.

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Use Masks to standardize
codes, IDs, and more...

eyko Quality Analysis assess the quality of your data before and after eyko applies Application Intelligence™ to clean your data.

3. Blend

Combine all Your Data to Ignite Insights

Merge Unlimited Sources of Data into a virtual data warehouse to use for your reporting and analytics needs.

Create Consistency Across Data Sources Blending data from different applications often highlights inconsistencies with common data, such as customer names. eyko takes care of the problem automatically, saving you a bunch of time.

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Data Relationships Made Easy – eyko’s Application Intelligence™ automatically detects and connects multiple data sources. Smart dictionaries understand underlying data sources to automatically discover links and build relationships. With eyko, you no longer need to be a deep ETL expert.

4. Enrich

Create Valuable Data Assets in Minutes

Brilliant Data Assets – eyko’s vast library of functions makes it easy to enhance your data in many ways, giving you new insights and perspectives in minutes. You don’t need to be an IT expert.

Simple Workflow – eyko makes it easy to create assets, answer a few key questions and you’re done.

Endless Enrichment Possibilities – eyko’s rich set of functions and machine learning capabilities will augment your data into rich data assets.

Asset Type
Apply sum, count, minimums, maximums, averages, etc. to existing or new entities
Create new entities such as variance, variance %, Add, subtract, multiply, divide, predictions, etc.
Classify source data into new dimensions like sentiment, smart matching, anomalies, machine learning classification
Use Machine Learning to standardize names or other character values. Or create universal 
Place-key locators for addresses.
Create new tables such as clones, hierarchies, pivots, and unions
Convert character to numeric or vice-versa, convert dates, create date calculations, and time intelligence
Translate source values to multiple languages to support multi-lingual reporting and analytics.
Create standardized slicers and filters to be used across report and dashboard templates

5. Stream

Use Your Data Anywhere

Reports and Dashboards – Stream your data and assets to eyko’s reports and dashboards or to eyko’s Microsoft Excel® add-in.

Live Data Broadcasting – Turn your silos of enterprise into data as a service to support and automate your essential business processes.

Stream Everywhere – eyko can stream your data to your favorite applications such as planning or directly to a data warehouse.

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Get answers to business questions - fast! eyko Streams integrate directly into productivity tools like Microsoft Excel® with the eyko Excel® Add-in..

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Data visualization becomes super-easy 
with streams that perfectly match the 
visualizations you need. First, pick the 
visual template in eyko Analyze, then 
select the data. Simple.

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Enterprise Performance

Feed clean, blended data into your company's CPM/EPM platform to quickly analyze business performance and key metrics.

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Plan on great data using eyko data streams. Rather than import CSVs, deliver data as a service directly into your planning apps.

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Data Warehouses
and Data Lakes

Turbo-charge your data warehousing 
initiatives with streams of clean data. 
No warehouse? No problem – stream 
directly to your apps.

6. Analyze

Unparalleled Insights from ALL Your Datas

Insights with the AI Assistant – eyko's AI Assistant gives you answers and insights you've never had before. Surface patterns, correlations, trends, and anomalies from all your data. The AI Assistant is your virtual data scientist.

Pixel Perfect Reports & Dashboards – eyko embeds Power BI to create pixel perfect interactive reports and dashboards on real-time or historical data. Users can build reports from any data source in minutes using templates, slicers, and presentation assets.

Financial Dashboard 1
Interactive Financial Dashboard
Regression Chart generated by AI Assistant

AI Assistant Generated Regression Analysis

AI Insights 1
AI Insights
eyko Microsoft Excel Add-in
eyko Microsoft Excel® Add-in

eyko Microsoft Excel® Add-in – spreadsheet gurus can bring the value of eyko's multi-source data platform to create powerful Excel workbooks that refresh automatically when data updates in the eyko platform. The same data is streamed to eyko's reports, dashboards, and the Excel Add-in to ensure a single version of the truth.


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