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Automotive Industry

If you are an automotive Manufacturer, Supplier, Aftermarket Parts Manufacturer, Distributor or Dealer running ERP and other systems you require specialized reports and KPIs. 

eyko has you covered with a rich set templates to quickly create reports and dashboards to track the right KPIs to optimize your automotive business.

Top Automotive Industry Reports

  1. Financial Reports:
    • Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow, Budget vs. Actuals
    • Accounts Receivable/Payable Aging Reports
    • General Ledger Reports
    • COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)

  2. Sales and Marketing Reports:
    • Sales Performance by Category
    • Customer Order Reports
    • Sales Pipeline
    • Market Share Reports
    • Product Placement Reports
    • Marketing Mix ROI
    • Campaign Performance

  3. Production Planning and Operations:
    • Production Performance
    • Work Order Reports
    • Yield and Scrap Rates
    • Traceability Reports
    • Quality Reports

  4. Supply Chain Management Reports:
    • Inventory Reports
    • Procurement Reports
    • Carrying Costs of Inventory
    • On Time Delivery
    • Supplier Performance
    • Order Fulfillment Rate
    • Logistics Reports
    • Spending Trends

  5. Compliance and Regulatory Reports:
    •  Industry regulation reports, emissions, safety compliance
    • Audit and Corrective Outcomes

  6. R&D Reports
    • Innovation Dashboards
    • Project Status




Important Automotive Industry KPIs to Track

  • Inventory Turnover
  • Days Sales of Inventory
  • Market Share
  • Sales Growth by Segment
  • Time-to-Market
  • Demand Fulfillment Backlog
  • Sales Forecasting Accuracy
  • Profit per vehicle
  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Industry Score
  • Quality Score
  • Net Profit Margin
  • Demand Forecast
  • Effective Labor Rate
  • Hours Sold Per Repair
  • Manufacturing KPIS
    • Utilization Rate
    • Average Downtime
    • Safety Incidents per Employee
    • Throughput
    • Inventory Turns

Automotive Performance Reporting

Dashboard displaying various reports for the automotive industry


The eyko advantage for the Automotive Industry

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