Future proof your revenue

Don't limit your business by billable rates and hours. Use your domain expertise to create eyko powered apps and build a recurring revenue stream in your business.

Applications as a Service

Software as a Service enabled companies to use software without buying it. Applications as a Service enables companies to use custom built applications without having to build them. 

Lifetime Customers

Lifetime Customers

Transform one-off customer engagements into lifelong relationships and grow the lifetime value of each customer.

Full Value

Full Value

Realize the true value of your expertise and specialist domain knowledge. Earn what you deserve.

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Service Delivery

Redefine your service offerings and find a new way to deliver your products and services in a more profitable way.

Protect your intellectual property

You might be a professional services company but that doesn’t mean that you have to give your Intellectual Property away.

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Don’t let your domain expertise walk out the door. Wrap your secret sauce in an eyko application or data service.

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Create your own specialist software driven solutions and begin to stand out from your typical competition.

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Develop alternative sources of revenue and build a moat around your business at the same time.

Build once - Sell often

Create your own eyko-powered industry solutions and start to enjoy software profit margins without the associated cost and risks.

Become a Partner

Let's start the discussion about joining the partner eyko-system.