From Multiple Raw Data Sources To Reports and Insights in Minutes

Self Service Reporting and Analytics

Self-service Reports, Dashboards, and AI Assistant (Chat Copilot) for any data source including Oracle ERP, JD Edwards, Salesforce, HubSpot, Excel or Google Sheets, or any combination of Cloud or On-Premises systems.

eyko - from multiple data sources to reports, dashboards, and insights in one single platform.

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Watch the video and see how you can:

  • Seamlessly work with data from multiple instances of JDE (ERP) and Salesforce.

  • Automatically harmonize master data management between JDE and Salesforce.

  • Efficiently reconcile Salesforce sales records with JDE invoices across all dimensions.

  • Quickly create personalized reports and dashboards across both systems within minutes. 

Busy & Non-Technical? No Problem.

So what if the data you need lives in multiple systems. Our user-friendly solution simplifies multi-system reporting and analytics, enabling you to answer your own business questions.

Discover eyko's Advantages:

  • Effortless Data Prep: AI-driven data preparation saves time, eliminating manual cleaning from multiple systems.

  • User-Friendly Analytics: Intuitive design and built-in intelligence enable self-service analytics for all.

  • Future-Proof Reporting: Possibly the  last reporting and analytics solution you will ever need.

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Unifying Cloud and On-Premise Data

Seamlessly integrate dispersed Cloud and On-Premise data to enable efficient cross-system reporting and analytics, eliminating time-consuming data preparation.

Discover eyko's Advantages:

  • Unified Reporting: Seamlessly report across diverse environments as if they were one cohesive system.

  • Master Data Management: Let the machine take the strain when standardizing data across systems.

  • Cost-Effective Reporting: Save on Cloud data migration costs by reporting across live and archive data.

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Unlocking Oracle ERP

Navigating the intricate data structures and business rules within ERP systems like JDE, Oracle E-Business Suite, or Oracle Fusion can be a daunting challenge for those who aren't ERP experts. eyko's embedded Application Intelligence transforms complex data into user-friendly formats anybody can understand.

Discover eyko's Advantages:

  • Data Clarity: Tap into eyko's Application Intelligence and instantly make sense of your ERP data.

  • DIY Reports & Dashboards: Create your own meaningful reports and dashboards, no ERP knowledge required.

  • Data Fusion: Blend ERP and external data effortlessly into user-friendly formats anybody can understand.


Your Virtual Data Warehouse

 Streamline reporting across disparate systems without the complexity of a traditional Data Warehouse. eyko's solution offers swift implementation and enduring advantages, within days, not months.

Discover eyko's Advantages:

  • Seamless Data Integration: Effortlessly integrate any combination of Cloud and On-Premise data sources.

  • Adaptable & Agile: Easy to keep up to date and adapt to evolving business needs.

  • Rapid Results: Get actionable insights in days, not months, like traditional Data Warehouse methods.

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