eyko Solves Customers' Problems

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Apr 29, 2024 4:10:17 PM

eyko Solves Data and Reporting Problems!

eyko is proud to be a critical member to our customers' analytics journeys. Over the last month eyko has been core to solving different customers' reporting and data problems. Here is a short round up of these solutions.

1. Oracle JD Edwards Multiple Instance ERP Consolidation

A customer with multiple divisions, selling different types of building products to the construction and retail industry, has multiple JD Edwards systems. Each division runs their own instance of JDE, each with different chart of account structures. The customer had Hyperion but was unable to consolidate their business across all four divisions at an operational level. eyko gave them the ability to report over the multiple instances and create a unified chart of accounts. eyko also enabled them to consolidate their business at an operational and transactional level which was critical as all their divisions sell different categories of products to the same customers and they were unable to get a clear 360˚ view across all their customers and products. 

Outcome: We went from final demo to having eyko and initial dashboards up and running in under ten days.

2. Hybrid Applications Reporting (Combining Cloud and On-Premises Data Sources)​

We have several customers that have outgrown their JD Edwards single source reporting solution. These customers have business critical data in disconnected cloud and other on-premises systems outside of JDE and need a solution that can report over more than just JDE and can also deliver executive class dashboards and analytics. 

Outcome: eyko users typically deliver the initial reports and dashboards within 3-5 days. We provide training for users to combine data and build their own analytics, or in some cases the customers rely on eyko or a partner to build reports and dashboards and augment with other data sources. However, in most cases, the users can easily follow the workflow to add their additional data sources and build reports on their own.

3. Single Source Reporting

While eyko is excellent at multi-source data reporting and analytics, several of our customers use it as a single-source reporting and analytics solution over JD Edwards, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud ERP and NetSuite or other systems. The eyko integrated Analytics and AI Copilot offer superior functionality compared to the last generation of reporting tools. With eyko, users can quickly connect to their ERP data source, have eyko understand the data dictionary and transform the data into an analytic ready format with added KPIs and other data enrichment.

Outcome: eyko typically delivers the initial reports and dashboards within a single day once the user has access to the ERP environment. Note that eyko provides training for customers to build their own analytics.

4. Archive and Production Reporting

We have customers who use eyko to report over archive and production data as if all the data lived in one system. More recently companies moving to Cloud ERP will move some history into their new Cloud ERP system and leave most of it in an Archive on premise database. eyko can connect to the Archive and the Cloud production environment and report over both as if all the data lived in one system. 

Outcome: eyko typically delivers the initial reports and dashboards within 3-5 days once we have access to the necessary systems.

To learn more about eyko visit the product pages.​


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