How is eyko disrupting the analytics market landscape?

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Jun 26, 2024 6:54:35 PM

More DATA. Fewer Insights! Hardly Progress? 

Do you feel like your organization has more data than ever before, yet feel like you have fewer answers and insights? Tired of waiting for someone with deep data skills to combine your data sources so that you can analyze it? You realize Excel doesn't scale and you can't wrap your head around all the different data tools. And that never ending data warehouse project just got extended, again!

This reality is ripe for disruption...

Why is eyko different?

In one single and integrated solution, eyko empowers users to combine data from multiple sources to create reports, dashboards, and get answers in MINUTES – without the complexities of multiple tools or a data warehouse.

Here are five key elements that make eyko disruptive and delight business users.

  1. eyko collapses the need to have multiple tools from ETL, MDM, Cleansing, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence into one end-to-end integrated solution.
  2. eyko eliminates data source complexity with inbuilt smarts (Machine Learning) that understand multiple data sources to guide users in merging, cleaning, transforming, and enriching data. We call this Application Intelligence.
  3. eyko also eliminates SQL, DAX, or Python coding. By insulating users from the underlying data extraction and transformation code, eyko empowers more users across an organization to leverage data and make great decisions.
  4. eyko’s A.I. Assistant is a fast and easy way for users to get sophisticated answers by simply posing natural language questions. eyko surfaces trends, key insights, patterns, and correlations or can build a report based on a question.
  5. Scale and volume – eyko can produce results on very large volumes of data in milliseconds.

By eliminating the data source and data tool complexity, applying A.I., and providing scale and performance for every user, eyko is disrupting the traditional analytics market.

Are you ready to be disrupted?

Book your discovery call today to learn more about eyko and how to empower your organization to get more insights from all your data in minutes.


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