Simplifying Data Complexity with eyko

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Jun 21, 2024 12:18:26 PM

Simplifying Data Complexity with eyko: A Next-Generation Reporting and Analytics Platform

This post is a summary of the eyko Webinar held on Tuesday, June 18.

eyko is a revolutionary platform designed to address the complexities of modern data management. It offers an integrated, end-to-end solution for merging multiple data sources, creating comprehensive reports, and gaining insights quickly. This platform is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with fragmented data across various systems.

Key Features of eyko

Multi-Source Data Integration

eyko allows users to connect to multiple data sources, whether they are cloud-based, on-premises, or external. This capability is crucial for businesses that need to consolidate data from different systems to generate accurate reports and analytics.

Simplified Data Management

eyko simplifies the process of data management by providing tools to clean, blend, and enrich data. Users can add new dimensions, calculations, and hierarchies to ensure the data is in the right structure for reporting.

Embedded Reporting and Analytics

The platform includes embedded Power BI and Excel functionalities, eliminating the need for separate tools for reporting and analytics. This integration helps avoid reconciliation challenges and ensures consistency in data reporting.

Application Intelligence™

eyko's application intelligence feature allows business users to work with data without needing to be experts in the systems from which the data is pulled. The platform handles the complexities of data structures, making it easier for users to generate reports and dashboards.

AI and Machine Learning

eyko leverages AI and machine learning to clean and organize data, ensuring consistency across different systems. This feature is particularly useful for businesses dealing with large volumes of transactional data.

Real-Time Data Updates

The platform supports real-time data updates through change data capture (CDC). This feature ensures that any changes in the source systems are automatically reflected in eyko, keeping the data up-to-date.

User Roles and Capabilities


Designers are responsible for building data models and streams. They connect to various systems, bring data onto the eyko platform, and use eyko's functions to clean and enrich the data.


Creators focus on building reports and dashboards using the data streams created by designers. They can customize reports for their own use or share them with others.


Viewers interact with the reports and dashboards created by designers and creators. They can filter and drill down into the data but do not have the capability to create new reports.

Use Cases


eyko is ideal for businesses running multiple ERP systems that need to consolidate data at an operational or transactional level. The platform can blend data from different systems, enabling users to report over it as if it were all in one system.

Hybrid Reporting

eyko supports hybrid reporting, allowing users to report over both cloud and on-premises systems as if all the data lived in one place. This feature is beneficial for businesses migrating to cloud ERP systems but still needing to access historical data stored on-premises.

Data Visualization

eyko can be used as a data blending and streaming platform, enabling users to connect to various systems, clean and enrich the data, and stream it into their preferred data visualization tools like Power BI, Tableau, or QlikView.


eyko is a powerful, cloud-based platform that simplifies the complexities of data management and reporting. By integrating multiple data sources, providing robust data cleaning and enrichment tools, and supporting real-time updates, eyko enables businesses to generate accurate and insightful reports quickly. The platform's embedded AI and machine learning capabilities further enhance its utility, making it a next-generation solution for modern data challenges.

For more information or to schedule a private demo, please reach out to the eyko team. 

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