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The eyko resource center provides you with a central point to access in-depth eyko content and quick links to get to the information you need most.


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About Us Group 106 (1)

Meet the eyko team and why we developed the eyko platform.




Talk to an eyko Concierge about all things eyko.



Product Updates Group 106 (1)

Discover new features and the lastest product ideas from eyko labs.


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The eyko library for product demonstrations, tutorials, and our thoughts on the latest data prep issues.


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Data Definitions

eyko's own glossary for data concepts and more.



Developer Group 106 (1)

Integrate eyko into your applications with the eyko API.


The eyko Platform

eyko is a Cloud blending and streaming platform. Blend data from many sources, enrich it with new data assets, and stream it at speed—regardless of data volumes.

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Designed for Speed

eyko blends, enriches and streams data quickly even when working with large data volumes to give you immediate value from your data.

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Scale and Grow

eyko can scale to fit your needs, supporting small or large data sets, high capacity streaming and large user bases.

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Safe and Secure

eyko runs on the Microsoft Azure platform and follows best practices for security, privacy, and compliance.


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Right. On Time.

eyko optimizes data from different sources at the frequency that right for you, to provide a superior data experience.