Stream everywhere

Stream data to eyko Analyze to get insights and answers from your data. eyko streams can also stream your data to your favorite applications such as planning, or to the Eyko Excel Add-in. 

Data Streaming

Data where you need it

eyko Streams makes data accessible and easy to use. All the data is at your fingertips and ready to meet your business needs.


Get answers to business questions - fast! eyko Streams integrate directly into productivity tools like Microsoft Excel® with the eyko Excel® Add-in.


Data visualization becomes super-easy with streams that perfectly match the visualizations you need. First, pick the visual template in eyko Analyze, then select the data. Simple.

Enterprise Performance Management

Feed clean, blended data into your company's CPM/EPM platform to quickly analyze business performance and key metrics.


Plan on great data using eyko data streams. Rather than import CSVs, deliver data as a service directly into your planning apps.

Data Warehouses
and Data Lakes

Turbo-charge your data warehousing initiatives with streams of clean data. No warehouse? No problem – stream directly to your apps.

eyko Widget

Streaming to Microsoft Excel®

The eyko widget (Microsoft Excel® Add-in) provides a quick and easy way to stream eyko datasets into one of the most well-used and popular applications.

Data as a Service

Live data broadcasting

Turn your silos of enterprise data into an integrated data service to support and automate your essential business processes.