Overcoming JDE Power BI Challenges with eyko

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Sep 1, 2023 4:53:46 AM


Creating impressive Power BI dashboards using information from the JD Edwards ERP system can be quite a tough task because ERP systems are complicated and have unique features. In this blog post, we'll talk about the 5 most difficult things you might come across when building these dashboards. We'll also see how eyko can help you overcome each of these challenges.

1. Data Extraction and Transformation

Extracting relevant data from JD Edwards, which often features intricate data structures, can be a daunting task. Data transformation to make it suitable for analysis in Power BI involves dealing with nested structures, inconsistent data, and diverse data types.

eyko’s resolution: eyko's game changing JD Edwards Application Intelligence simplifies data interpretation with just a click. It automatically transforms table and field names, eliminates Julian dates, manages decimal shifting, and seamlessly establishes table joins. This removes the inherent complexity when working with complex ERP data and simplifies data blending, making the process intuitive and efficient and removes the need for the user to be a JD Edwards expert in order to makes sense of the data.

2. Data Volume and Performance

The abundance of data in ERP systems can negatively impact Power BI dashboard performance. Optimizing data models and queries to handle large data volumes while maintaining swift dashboard responsiveness is a challenge.

eyko’s resolution: While managing large volume of data can complicate things it’s not the only reason why Power BI struggles over large datasets. eyko’s capability to perform complex calculations before the data reaches Power BI ensures optimal performance, eliminating the need for on-the-fly calculations. This results in enhanced dashboard responsiveness and puts an end to the  “wheel spinning” and out of memory issues that can plague Power BI dashboards over large volumes of data.

3. Data Integration

Integrating data from multiple sources alongside JD Edwards, such as CRM systems, external databases, or cloud services, requires aligning and merging diverse data structures—a time-consuming and intricate process.

eyko’s resolution: eyko's AI and Machine Learning features enable efficient data blending from various systems, regardless of the accuracy or structure of the data in the source systems. The Master Data Management functions ensures accurate customer, supplier, inventory lists are maintained across ERP and CRM and other systems. Moreover, eyko’s dynamic grouping functionality automates the creation of a unified chart of accounts structure when consolidating data from distinct ERP systems with differing chart of account structures.

4. Understanding Business Logic

ERP systems often utilize unique business logic and codes, translating to a need for clear labels in reports. Translating these codes into user-friendly labels and creating meaningful calculated fields in Power BI can be complex.

eyko’s resolution: eyko's Application Intelligence deciphers JD Edwards' unique intricacies, allowing users to work with complex ERP data without needing to be JDE experts. eyko's ability to automatically connect the JDE codes from one table with the descriptions from another table helps the user make sense of the JDE data model. This gives the users confidence they are working with the right data and producing the right results.

5. Power BI Complexity

As Power BI evolved to address complex challenges, its usability demanded a blend of ERP, ETL, database, and DAX expertise, surpassing the skillset of typical business users.

eyko’s resolution: eyko transforms dashboard creation into an end-user point and click type experience again. It removes the need for the user to be DAX experts which Power BI seems to require when doing even the simplest of calculations. eyko's unique "walled garden" approach further simplifies the process, allowing users to build self-service reports and analytics without requiring any level of Power BI knowledge.

In conclusion, while constructing insightful Power BI dashboards from ERP data necessitates specialized skills and tools, eyko has reimagined the process. With its innovative solutions, eyko simplifies data extraction, transforms and blends diverse data sources, and empowers users to create impactful Power BI dashboards without them needing to know Power BI.

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