Why Reporting is Dead?

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May 7, 2024 4:52:43 PM

Why did we use the tagline "Reporting is Dead" on our booth at Blueprint 4D?

Some marketers may think we're crazy! 

"You're at a conference with senior decisions makers that have teams of report writers that crank out reports and dashboards every day on top of ERP applications to support their organization's information needs."

So why would we tell them reporting is dead?

Well, it's simple. 

Today's Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled platforms will make it easy for users to get answers and insights from their data without writing a report every time they have a new inquiry or need to perform an urgent investigation. 

Sure, operational reports like financial statements, inventory reports, waybills, sales pipelines, bill of materials, marketing statistics, and more, are not going away any time soon. But when a user is puzzled by a metric or a trend in a report or dashboard, they should be able to simply ask more questions directly in the report and have an AI Assistant surface more insights. The AI Assistant could discover patterns, correlations, or trends they didn't know existed or that are just starting to emerge. And why not ask the AI Assistant to build you a chart or a time series, or a scatter plot. Why not have an assistive conversation with your data? 

Well, this is now possible with eyko.

eyko's AI Assistant inspires free-form analytic conversations with your information while ensuring accuracy and trust in the underlying data.

So, we felt it would be a bold move to introduce eyko to the hardened world of deep ERP experts while at Blueprint in Dallas, Texas from May 7-10. We wanted a message that would challenge their traditional thinking and help them see the possibilities of laying down a platform that gives them a simple path to AI insights on top of their ERP data and other sources. 

To learn more about why reporting is dead watch this short video.

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