Five Reasons to Visit the eyko Team at Blueprint 4D!

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May 8, 2024 6:57:31 PM

Five Reasons to Visit the eyko Team at Blueprint 4D

If you haven't dropped by the eyko booth K9 at Blueprint 4D in Dallas, TX at the Hotel Hilton Anatole then here are five reasons to visit them today or tomorrow before the conference ends.

1. Support for any and all data sources

With eyko, users simply point to any data source and eyko understands how to ingest the data into the eyko virtual warehouse that is automatically built to suit your reporting and analytic needs. No need to pre-design a data warehouse architecture. Tell eyko what you want to report and analyze from multiple data sources such as ERP, JD Edwards, Oracle ERP, Big Data, Cloud, legacy, file, and SaaS systems and eyko will optimize the data model behind the scenes. No need to be a SQL or Python experts. eyko does the hard work for you.

2. See Application Intelligence™ at Work

See eyko apply Application Intelligence™, inbuilt smarts that understands your data (including the complexities of JD Edwards). Watch eyko automatically blend, clean, and enrich your data by applying Machine Learning. Once again, no need to be a deep ETL or Data Cleaning expert. Let eyko do the the cleaning for you!

3. Beautiful reports and dashboards!

Apply eyko's pre-built Power BI report and dashboard templates to accelerate your delivery of beautiful and pixel perfect financial statements, sales reports, dashboards, and more.

4. Experience the eyko AI Assistant in action

eyko's AI Assistant inspires free-form analytic conversations with your information while ensuring accuracy and trust in the underlying data. Surface trends, patterns, correlations that you didn't know existed. Ask eyko to build you a report, a chart, and more. Experience the Data Scientist at your fingertips!

5. Optimized for business users!

Experience a revolutionary experience designed for business users and smart enough to knock the socks off any IT expert. See the end-to-end platform that connects to any data, blends, cleans, enriches, reports, and surfaces AI insights. It's the simplest way to lay down a foundation for end user data democracy and AI insights.

eyko is your next-generation data and analytics platform!

So head on over to the booth and meet the team!




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