Rabbit Holes Versus Generative Artificial Intelligence

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Jun 10, 2024 9:44:47 AM

Generative AI is Here to Stay!

It’s here. I’m pretty sure it’ll stick around for a very long time, forever perhaps. Reminds me of the Geico commercial where the homeowners love their new house but have an Aunt problem. The Aunts are here to stay commercial on YouTube – I always appreciate clever and funny commercials.

I’ve heard this comment more than once ‘I don’t have a use case for AI or don’t know where to start’. We’ve been using technology and better technology most if all my existence. I remember the day when a friend passed down his HP 12C calculator to me. I was so excited. HP 12 C was the ‘it’ device, the bomb or my daughter will call it “BUSS” for Finance nerds like me. It was like getting a new car. I loved this darn thing.

HP 12 C Calculator Image Source

Sadly, that didn’t last very long before I started using a laptop and tools like Excel completely blew away what the HP 12C could do. It’s like when a homebuilder switched from a hammer to a nail gun. Homes got built really fast. Thinking of AI in this way makes a lot of sense for me. It’s a new tool in our toolbox.  

Since AI is not going away, let’s talk about the practical everyday use of AI for us at work.  

How to get Started with Generative AI

You’ll hear it everywhere; AI needs good data. It’s truly garbage in garbage out.   There’s not much for AI to do until you get your data sorted and proper. No need to tell you further, let’s take care of this. There are a zillion articles about why this is the starting point. eyko does this too but that’s for another day.

Think of about how you use a report or dashboard today. You look at it, you find the 2 or 3 answers you’re looking for and move on. You use that information for yourself or send it to others to make decisions for their needs. Rinse and repeat. Occasionally, you might find an anomaly. This is where the fun starts. Yep, I dug myself thousands of rabbit holes.

Band of Holes Image from Peru

Band of Holes Image Source

I mean thousands. I’ve could have caused The Bands of Holes in Peru. I’ve dug deep and like the Band of Holes for that long too. Many of my holes are near the Earth’s core or clear to the other side of the planet. This means hours and hours, days and months of time. Oh, the countless nights at the office.

If that scenario makes sense, that’s exactly how eyko implemented generative artificial intelligence. It’s straightforward to understand, making it easier to grasp which simply means you’re going to use and like artificial intelligence. Can I say, I ❤️ AI yet? I should make a T-shirt for the eyko merchandise store, like now, because it’s going to sell like hotcakes.

Let’s take a look at eyko use of AI with Accounts Receivables Invoices. This report shows which customers and how much they owe your company. Everyone understands when someone owes them money.

Top report is summarized invoice data, bottom is details. This is our AI use case, nothing more. Just like the scenario described. This keeps everything in perspective. We’re not AI-ing (ha! new verb alert) all of eyko’s data, just this right here.

I’ll make a bet that most users will just scroll and find records that’s not paid, marked in green boxes, and that’s all the time they have for it.

Here’s the same question to AI, “What are the unpaid amounts in a table format?”

I call this a tied. A user and AI will probably get the results seconds off one another.

Continuing my AI conversations with “What are the key insights?”

This is the rabbit hole AI dug for you in about 10 seconds.

Can someone do this type of analysis? Absolutely!! In 10 seconds? Absolutely NOT!


Easy is easy. Easy is eyko. eyko is easy.




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