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Multi Data Operational Source Reporting

Multi Data Source Operational Reporting

Making decisions is hard, but eyko makes it easy to blend data from different data sources. With eyko streaming, you can always stay current about what's happening. Use any tool to visualize the data.

eyko Customer Sentiment

This video shows an eyko using a data steam of blended data from multiple data sources including three ERP sources with data from CRM and service management applications to determine potential...

Realistic Forecasts

Learn how to use automated sentiment analysis to improve future forecast estimations.

Anaplan Integration

eyko is the perfect solution for those who want to spend less time on data importing and more time on analysis. With this new platform, you can automate data streaming directly into Anaplan.

Customer 360

Understand everything about your customers with eyko's data platform.

Application Aware

Application-aware software understands and delivers complex requirements for better business process integration.

Data Streaming

Data Streaming is a new way of passing and sharing data between enterprise applications, blending, enriching, and then streaming to enterprise applications.

Designed for Business Users

Business users are increasingly asked to glean insights from data in multiple applications at once.