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Data Cleaning

Clean and standardize your data in seconds.

Let's face it, cleaning data is boring, and no one has time for it. That's why eyko makes it easy, allowing you to spend more time putting the data to good use.

Smart Data Cleaning

eyko's Application Intelligence allows you to clean your data at the touch of a button. 



See for yourself...

Drag the slider to see the before and after effect of data cleaning with eyko. Before shown in black. After shown in white.


Bring your data up to standard

Common data items, like phone numbers and e-mail addresses,
can be standardized in seconds using eyko.



Masks shape any data into a standard format. Perfect for standardizing account codes, customer IDs, and other essential data.


Get your data in tip-top shape

Quickly transform and shape your data, so it's perfect for your
reporting, planning, and analytics needs.

Getting your data into shape means tasks like reporting and planning become very easy. eyko offers a vast library of transformation capabilities that can be used independently or in combination with each other to transform your source data.

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