Application Aware.


  • Intelligently deliver blended data to 3rd party applications and maximize the user experience.

  • Automate the gathering, enriching and streaming of data.

  • Shape the data to for the application, embed the eyko application for the end user.

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What Does Application Aware Mean?

Application-aware software understands and delivers complex requirements for better business process integration. Application awareness ensures optimal data delivery, resulting in efficient and more frequent process cycles.

Whether you are a C-suite executive looking to improve the return of your software investments, an end-user that wants to improve a business process, or a software provider that wants to provide a better customer experience, you need a “smart stream” approach to application data sharing.

Application Aware In Action.

Simply put, different business initiatives require different application-aware features.

For example, business planning requires smart streams that gather data drivers from multiple systems. Users reconcile, blend and enrich smart streams with calculations before sending them to standalone planning applications like Anaplan, Bizview, Adaptive, or Vena.

Planning applications with sophisticated architecture require data in specific shapes. Application-aware smart streams understand shape requirements and weave them into data streams (e.g., transforming monthly periods into single or multiple columns).

Application-aware system integration includes updating data models using routine automation. Eliminate manual CSV uploading procedures by transferring data with the push of a button or utilize routine automation to ensure that the data in a planning environment is always up to date and clean, enabling teams to focus on more essential activities.

Lastly, positively boost 3rd party software customer experiences by incorporating smart streaming and intelligent integration. Embedding eyko with 3rd party software can provide deeper integration and automation for business process improvement to streamline and produce faster cycles.